Herma Auguste Wittstock Performance Art

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2015 / 2 hours / live performance / Brandenburger Tor, Berlin, DE
Collaboration with Anne Wodtcke headless thinking

Central idea of this performance is to create an interactive space, a fabulous green figure with eight limbs and no face. Green is the colour of harmony, hope and the colour of life in general.

The two artists are both wearing green second skin suits which are connected with an 4 m long tube of fabric – the soft exchange of ideas and energy is possible. Both artist are of extreme visual contrast – one very thick the other very thin – which stands metaphorical for the fundamental diversity of people.

In their performative interventions the two artists are moving sculptural as if they are floating – either individually, together or slowly towards the spectators, and will create an area for encounters to enable interaction between the two artists, spectators and passers-by, to experience the space together from the perspective of a person-to-person or a person-to-group relationship regardless of social class, nationality, racial or ethnic origin, color, age or confession.

A game in which the idea of being connected, of self-determination and manipulation, as well as diversity, membership and tolerance may be asked – today, 70 years after the end of the second world war.

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Photos/Videos: Jens Kutílek