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Image Of Madrid

2008 / 40 minutes / live performance / National Museum Reina Sofía, Madrid, ES

On the side of a big room is a small corridor filled with crumpled newspapers. I walk from the other side of the corridor across the newspapers into the big room. The paper balls fall onto the public.

I am wearing only black high heels and a violet knitted scarf tied to my hips. After a while of standing in front of the public, I walk to the middle of the room. On the red wall a big sign is hanging, made from cardboard and a black pen. It reads in Spanish:

I’m naked. I have no money. Somebody has stolen my wallet here in Madrid. I don’t need my credit-card, EC card or money back, but I need the european driving license and the health isurance-card back. And the most important thing I need back is the first picture ever taken of me and my boyfriend.

Below that my telephone number and a little drawing of my wallet.

I take a 20 cm long black bull from a corner and put it in front of me. I dance paso doble around the bull. I turn the bull on so it is making noises. It is snorting, going forward and plays a paso melody. I take off the scarf from my hips and I use it in a dancing way as a bullfighting rag.

After that I wrap the bull with the scarf and hold it in my arms like a baby. I stand next to the cardboard sign, put a hat in front of me and wait if the public will give me some photos as a present.

Then paso doble music is played through speakers. I dance with different people from the public and I try to animate the others to dance, too.

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Photos/Videos: Martí Guillem