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Image Of Mannheim

2009 / 1 hour / live performance / Zeitraumexit, Mannheim, DE

In the middle of a huge, light and plain room is a pipe made from perforated plate. The air smells of chocolate. I’m in the pipe, wearing dark plain clothes. The public stands at the wall. I roll in the pipe, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, at the wall, around the room. Sometimes the audience dodge the pipe when I roll at the wall, sometimes I crash into the public. Some people kick me with their foot forward.

After a while I get out of the pipe and put a small package out of the pipe. I unwrap it. Chocolate and a wooden tablet are inside. I take the chocolate and I break it to bite-sized pieces.
I stand in the middle of the room with outstretched arms. I hold the tablet with the pieces of chocolate and freeze my position. The audience take chocolate, share chocolate and offer chocolate to me. The chocolate is shared and I leave.

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Photos/Videos: Silke Müller