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Image Of Stuttgart

2011 / 70 minutes / live performance / Kunstbezirk-Galerie im Gustav-Siegle-Haus, Stuttgart, DE

I wear a simple, short, white dress and brown boots. 21 brown cardboard boxes, usually using for moving, are standing next to the freestanding wall. On one side of the wall the boxes are in mold of stairs. On the other side of this wall the boxes are standing one upon the other. In the middle is standing one cardboard box with four round bit-slices, made with paperboard, fixed on the line below the box. A ladder is leaning against the freestanding wall. On the wall earth is located.

I’m holding a broom in my hands and I’m sweeping the floor. I’m climbing on the ladder and I’m sweeping the earth down on the boxes and on the audience. I’m raking the earth together and I’m dumping the earth with my hands on the box with the bit-slices, my stylized car.

I’m evermore dumping the boxes to different formations. If I have fixed one shape, then I’m putting up a new one in another corner. Thereby some boxes are falling with noise on the floor. Many different objects, made on paperboard, are springing up. One objects looks like a building, the other one looks like a wall and the next one looks like a street. The last object I’m springing up are again staris. With my hands I’m putting all the earth on this staris.

Together with the box with the bit-slices I’m climbing the ladder up and I’m putting my now stylized train on the freestanding wall. I’m sitting on my knees next to the train and I’m staying in this position for a while. Slowly I’m lifting my dress up, till my light green underwear is cognizable. This underwear has exactly the colour of the K21 project. I’m holding this positionfor a while.

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Photos/Videos: Andreas Dammertz