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Image Of València

2009 / 30 minutes / live performance / Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporània, València, ES

I stand on a rooftop terrace. In the background you see the sykline of Valencia. I wear a yellow knee-length dress. Across the chest and on the knees it has red stripes.

Slowly I turn along the balustrade. The dress is getting red-yellow stripes, because a red tape is sticking to the dress.

I go to a small blue bag, but red elastic band holds me back. I drag but I cannot reach the bag. Eventually I cut up the dress and the elastic band. I walk to the blue bag. I take the bag and stab it several times with a pair of scissors. Water is coming out. I open the bag. Inside there are tiger nuts (chufa). I stretch out my arms holding the bag to the public. The audience take the tiger nuts. I leave.

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Photos/Videos: Mathieu Bohet