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Michael Laub: Portrait Series Berlin

2007 / 80 minutes / theatre / Sophiensæle, Berlin, DE

Portrait Series Berlin. Professional and Non-Professional Dancers

The portraits of the Belgian director Michael Laub are attentive observed scenic jewels. From by chance to expressed, tragic stories, kink, quirks, and strange habits nine international actors develop selfportraits who iridesce between authenticity and role. They celebrate a performance style of the big understatement after the credo “I am a deeply superficial person.” Only on stage, in test videos and, nevertheless, integrated in the run of the series they show dancing, singing, speaking 2 to 15-minute cuttings of her life.

“Portrait Series”

concept & management: Michael Laub
Performers: Robert Gather, Sonchai Körner, David Malley, Heli Meklin, Åsa Odemark, Herma Auguste Wittstock, I-Chen Zuffellato; on video: Vivienne Roos, Chris Leuenberger
dramaturgy: Astrid Endruweit
assistance: Laura Clemens

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Photos/Videos: Monika Rittershaus