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Thank You Iceland

2010 / 30 minutes / live performance / Kiasma Theatre at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, FI

I lie on the stage floor. My legs are crossed, the upper part of my body and my arms lie on the floor, the palm of my hands are turned upwards. My body is supported by my forehead. I’m nude. A light is shining on me. A black burning candle is hanging approx. 50 cm above me. Black wax is dripping permanently onto my back. I don’t move for a long time.

I sit up on my knees, my back is facing the public. The wax is dripping on my back and running down my buttocks.

The candle has burned out. Slowly I’m standing up. I “dance” in one place, first slowly, later fast. Wax drops from my body. I’m standing. Slowly I turn my head to the public. I leave the stage.

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Photos/Videos: Antti Ahonen