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Six Images Of Toronto

2006 / 2 hours / live performance / X-Space, Toronto, CA

I’m naked, just wearing white socks with red maple leaves on it and on the head a cap for winter. I’m sitting down and in front of me is a big mountain of colourful maple leaves.

I try to blow them away, I hyperventilate, but the mountain of leaves is not moving. With a small feather duster I clean each of the leaves. With a snow scoop I shovel them from one side of the room to the other side. On this side there is a table and a chair and a disk. I put some of the leaves on the disk and sit on the chair. I’m eating leaves. I stand up and tape some of the leaves to my body. I take one leaf and write KISS on it with a black pen. I put it on the table and leave the room.


Photos/Videos: Dariusz Fodczuk